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Ready to get page 1 search results?

In simple words, SEO helps your website show up within the search results for a specific need or for general information. Nowadays, our society goes to the internet for just about everything including online shopping, finding a service provider, looking for a place to eat, finding a product, getting a review on a business or just simply looking for general information. Having your website built correctly and utilizing SEO techniques from a professional allows you to be the one coming up within those search results.

The Way it Works

There are many components to an SEO campaign, however conceptually it is fairly easy to understand how it works.

An example…

A person has a failure with their heating system and they happen to live in Lynnfield, MA. In some cases, that person may have a list of preferred contractors to call on. However, many times they do not and need to search for one. Today, we tend to go to one of two places – Social Media Pages – Facebook and ask a friend that we trust or we go to a search engine such as Google and search for a service provider. A Google search is what we will discuss as it relates to SEO.

A search might look like…

Heating system repair Lynnfield, MA

When the search results show up typically the first 2-3 listings on the first page are who a potential client will call for service. There are certain criteria that will help make the decision a bit easier for them though:

› The website must come up on the first page of the search results

› The website must look professional and make them feel they are dealing with a reputable company

› The website must be responsive so it resizes for a mobile phone as more than 50% of people are using phones to find a business or service provider

› The problem you can solve for that particular person needs to be clearly stated on the page they land on

› Your contact information needs to be readily available

The Results – What’s in it for Me?

The results are simple – more business!

Building your online real estate is crucial in building your brand and your business as more people are going to the internet for information. The more content you have online the better off you will be in every aspect of creating new business. This starts with a professionally designed and built website with content that will get your readers to take action and call you. But all of that means nothing if people cannot find you! We provide an extensive program that allows you to strategically market your business to the right people, at the right time.

How We Do It

SEO campaigns require a team effort and we work closely with our clients to determine what it is your trying to accomplish and who your trying to capture. This includes extensive analysis of your products/services, your market and your competition.

Without getting to technical, here are some the components included in our SEO services:

› Keyword analysis and selection 

› Page identification and separation

› Copywriting (if necessary)

› Website URL updates and page title modifications

› Landing page creation for keywords 

› Local Business Listings with all major listing agencies and local citations (Yahoo Local, CitySquare, Manta, etc…)

› Google analytics tracking 

› Link building (setting up links from outside sources to link back to your site)

› Monthly management of keyword campaign and modifications as necessary

We provide SEO services for our clients in Peabody, MA and surrounding cities and towns on the North Shore.

We would welcome the opportunity to meet with you to identify areas Marino Graphics can help you become more successful.

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