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WordPress Website Design Boston MA

Our agency utilizes one of the most robust Content Management System (CMS) available today that is used by some of the biggest brands out there such as Google Ventures, Sony Music, MTV News, Beyonce, Best Buy and so many more. The platform allows developers from all over the world to work together as a community and is improving its functionality all of the time.

What is WordPress anyway?

WordPress is a web software that is used to create websites or blogs. Although the software is FREE, you will need to host the website somewhere to actual have an active website live for viewers. WordPress allows for easy use and management of the site for beginners who are looking to create an online presence, as well as more advanced users and larger organizations interested in displaying their companies product or service with eye-catching and user-friendly layouts and designs.

As a WordPress developer, we have mastered the software to allow for maximum customization and designs that fit your brand. We utilize our creative vision to design the exact site you are looking for, then build the website that optimizes functionality and conversion for your business.

Content Management Systems (CMS)

A CMS is simply a computer application that allows for publishing, editing and modifying content from a central location. It provides a collaborative environment to manage workflow using manual and automated functions. This types of systems minimize the need for extensive coding and allow for extreme flexibility when it comes to managing blogs, news and shopping.

Why WordPress over coding?

WP has done a great job of bringing some pretty amazing developers together all over the world. These developers spend the time to create themes (a styled structure to work within), and plugins (bits of software used to add various functions), to allow for faster design and development of websites leaving more design time in the budget to create beautiful looking sites. It eliminates much of the coding that had been required for web building in the past – and more time to layout the perfect style, functionality and innovative features that we see in todays tech world. The community of developers also allow for collaboration and sharing of information so the end result of your new site exceeds your expectations and continuously improves as time goes on.


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