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Are you connecting to your audience?

Social Media Marketing is more important than ever when marketing your product or services. There is more to Social Media Marketing then gaining fans, followers, and page likes; it’s about enhancing your brand image, increasing your brand awareness, and converting leads into sales. Our agency can help you achieve these goals and target the demographic that is right for your business. If your company is currently struggling to increase your placement in online search results, you may need to rethink your online marketing strategy. The more you engage and share on social media, the better your search results will be.

10 Reasons Your Business Should Use Social Media

1. Increase Online Exposure and Create the Buzz – Get the word out about your products and services and join the online conversation.

2. Brand Your Product or Service – Create a consistent identity for your business that complements your website and existing marketing strategies

3. Drive traffic to your website– Sharing your website link on social media channels will help you build links for major search engines to index. In addition, sharing your website’s link will help boost your SEO, as social media channels are considered quality sources. You can increase your link-ability by adding links to your photos, videos, and posts.

4. Online Reputation Management – In a world that relies heavily on the internet to shop for products and services, communicate with friends and family, and stay up to date with trends, news, and the latest gossip, Online Reputation Management is more important than ever. According to a recent study by Dimensional Research, 90% of customers say buying decisions are influenced by online ratings and reviews. What are people saying about your brand? Did you know that ratings and reviews also affect your placement in an online search? Online Reputation Management is necessary for every business and should be used as part of your marketing campaign to help drive new business and help your placement in an online search.

5. Flaunt Your Stuff– Show your fans what your product or service is all about! Tell your story by showcasing pictures, videos, and testimonials about your product or service.

6. Prove to your customers that you are an expert in your field– People will look to you for answers and may seek advice. Social media can be used to post tips, answer questions, and to showcase your product and services.

7. Word of mouth matters– Trust is a major factor in the buying decision process.  Consumers look to their friends and family for advice when making a purchase. Social media can help you market your product or services by virtually relying on word of mouth.

8. Build relationships and become more personable – Building relationships with customers and potential customers is achievable through social media. Answer questions and share ideas with your fan base through multiple social channels.

9. Provide another way for potential customers to find you – Even if you do not appear on the first page of a search result, potential customers can still find you through social media channels.

10. Your online voice can be heard across the web – The number of people you can reach in an online world is endless! With advanced targeting and strategic content creation relevant to your target demographic, the sky is the limit.

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